What are high density hops?

What are high density hops?

Cryo Hops
These are made by getting the whole hops and giving them a big ol bath in liquid nitrogen!

This means the hops are in a super cool, oxygen free environment for the grinding and sieving process steps, which just so happens to help separate out those lovely hoppy resins, from the more plant-y bits.

After pelletising these bad boys, they end up with twice the hops flavour per gram than usual!

Spectrum Hops

A pretty similar concept, one way to make hops resins like Spectrum is with super cold super critical Liquid CO₂ extraction. The CO₂ just grabs all those sticky resins, full of flavour, and leaves behind the rest. The CO₂ then evaporates off leaving pure hop flavour!

High Density Hop Charge (HDHC)

This is what we say when we have added both of these hop products into the same beer. The combo is really better together, you get that peak of hop from spectrum and a foundation of broad accompanying flavour from cryo.

We still love regular pellet hops though. That's where the broadest flavours are and the foundation of great hoppy beers, this new stuff is just the icing on the cake!
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